Security is the top priority in all our services. Users make mistakes, and outsiders try to exploit weaknesses. Genisys Group's security experts live and breathe security. They will help you to set up systems with layered defenses. You'll have a network with the best possible protection against internal and external threats, at a reasonable cost.

Virtualization and security

Customers demand cost-effective, reliable networks. Virtualization lets networks return the most value for the investment. Virtualized systems run on generic hardware or cloud servers. Adding a server is as simple as making a configuration change. Systems scale and adapt as your networking needs grow and change. Genisys Group's engineers are specialists in building networks that will meet your goals for now and for the future, on time and within budget.

Virtual systems need protection to match their versatility. They have to be kept safe wherever in the network they run. Virtualized security provides this coverage, and scaling and upgrading protection is straightforward.

With full virtualized security, critical parts of your network are safely isolated. Next-generation firewalls in software protect applications. Monitoring provides early warning of threats. There is no single point of failure that everything depends on.

Network management

When your network is well managed, it runs efficiently and safely. Our network management brings everything under one umbrella. Workstations, mobile devices, IoT units, and servers all work together securely.

Forgotten and unauthorized devices create some of the biggest problems. Wi-Fi access points need to be safe from outsiders. Managing personal devices (BYOD) is a complicated task. Genisys Group's network management keeps tabs on everything in the network and makes sure it's properly protected.

Cloud security

Intelligent use of the cloud lets you add and upgrade services without investing in on-premises hardware. Employees can access services from wherever they are. The cloud is a part of your network, and it needs to be protected to the same high standards as your own equipment. Access controls and threat detection keep them safe from hacking and breaches. Read more about cloud security.

Endpoint security

The systems which have direct Internet access are the most exposed part of your network. Endpoint security covers the entire network perimeter, making sure there are no forgotten weak points. Ransomware, zero-day exploits, password theft, spam attacks, and Wi-Fi compromise are some of the threats they constantly face. A comprehensive endpoint security structure guards against the full range of risks. Read more about endpoint security trends in 2019.

Compliance with standards

Networks often have to comply with industry standards to use services and stay legal. The costs of non-compliance can be huge. Genisys Group's security experts know how to keep your network compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other requirements. When your network is compliant with applicable standards, it will pass audits and avoid liability.

Find out which regulations apply to you.

Policies and people

A network is only as strong as the people who use it. People who don't know what they're supposed to do will make mistakes. The security experts at Genisys Group will advise you on setting up policies that will define and enforce safe practices. Password practices, two-factor authentication, safe mobile use, and device protection all figure into a well-crafted policy.

If problems do occur, having policies for handling and reporting them prevents panic. People will know what steps they have to take and what mistakes to avoid. They'll deal with the issue quickly and minimize the damage.

Your security comes first

Security is an integral part of everything we do. Whatever your network needs are, Genisys Group will help you to set up an environment that keeps your data safe. Would-be intruders will stay out, and employees will experience smoothly-running, reliable systems with a minimum of downtime.

We partner with top security businesses, including Fortinet, Alert Logic, Barracuda, and McAfee. However complex your requirements are, we'll find answers that will fit your needs.

Check out our 6 Step Guide for Network Security Assessment.


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