Provide IT services and maintain quality for 21 years.

Genisys Group was founded in 1997 to deliver data center solutions and services to companies of all sizes. Around that time, technology companies began redeploying their hardware resources to focus on software and consulting services solutions. This created a void of knowledgeable and experienced product engineers and sales specialists that still exists today. Our goal was to fill this void and provide the highest-level infrastructure solution sales, service, and support you can find.

We do this by partnering with industry-leading technology companies, employing senior-level sales specialists and engineers, and building long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and employees. The result? Unmatched client satisfaction and ease of doing business.

  • We Create Customer Heroes

    We are only as successful as our customers. Our products solve real customer challenges and enable real customer wins. Our team works harder than anyone to build valuable relationships by getting stuff done, so we can provide the very best service and empower our customers to achieve their full potential. We turn our customers into heroes.

  • We Love Our Team

    Our people are our greatest asset. We expect, rely on, listen to, and value honest input from everyone on every team, in service to our customers and the company. Our professional growth and success fuel customer growth and success. We strive to be the company that our peers admire and our competitors envy in all we do.

  • We Own the Outcome

    At Genisys Group, we own the outcome. We are a team that plays to win in all that we do. Like all great teams, we push each other to new heights, we aren't governed by our playbooks, but consistently strive to find and own more creative, powerful paths to success. We celebrate when we win, and we pick each other up when we lose. We do it all with honesty and integrity.


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